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1 day ago
Jason Smith

This $3.5 trillion spending bill is the largest spending bill and the largest tax bill in the entire history of our country, all at the expense of the working class. That is just simply wrong. ... See MoreSee Less

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WRONG???? It's an 😠 outrage!!! Where are the Republicans??? Why is this sh$t still happening

Then DO SOMETHING. It isnt up to the voters. This is where the republicans MUST stick together. But there isnt much hope for that. Weve seen what happens when you all "stick together" we get screwed. I realize the dems have the majority, but republicans just Dont vote together.

The plan is to bankrupt the country and the middle class then the stinking Democrats will "come to the rescue". Will make the Great Depression look like tiddly winks.

The problem with the spending, it is TREMENDOUS, BUT The LARGE MANDATES FOR SOCIAL ENGINEERING, THAT though having end dates in the bill will probably be reaffirmed FOREVER, LIKE the Tax mandate on Obama Care, they will NEVER GO AWAY.

This money should be put into the Social Security fund to replace what our government has stolen from it.

You, I thought about comments not up to voters! Yes it is! Government out of control! Revolt!


Will Rogers once said “ If you find yourself in a hole stop digging.” Seems to me common sense is now an uncommon virtue.....especially in Sodom On The Potomac.

Dunno why you're so worried about it, people like Manchin and Sinema will buck the party line. Maybe post about the Texas border and immigrants again? 🤷

Republican/conservatives in house and senate have to do something.

This is nothing more then Jason Smith saying “Nope we the GOP are not going to help the working class people”.

Republicans need to get as hard as the Democrats and stick together to fight this radical agenda.

Until you start talking election integrity, we know where you stand.

It better not pass and congress better make sure of it!

They want to destroy the middle class. We are sitting ducks..!!

Stop running your mouth and do something about it.

He’s not doing it, but his handlers are!

It cannot be passed!!!!

Jason Smith is a liar and an idiot! The working class people will not pay for this bill. Big business and the extremely rich will pay for it! Finally they will be asked to pay for what we need in this country!

When you bankrupt a nation, the nation no longer exists....ergo "the new world order". That's their agenda folks.

If Congress and past administration's would have done there jobs the past several years instead of killing the can down the road trying to make the other party look bad this wouldn't be necessary. But since you are too busy lick the toadstool of a twice impeached, orange Florida and instead of doing your job now it's time to spend the money.

Yes it sure is

More of the Democrats’ destructive agenda.


It will pass. No one to stop him. Corrupt government!!!!!

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2 days ago
Jason Smith

The American people need leaders who do everything in their power to benefit the American people, not people who fail to do their job and attempt to push it under the rug. ... See MoreSee Less

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You need to adjust your verbiage along with the associated mentality that causes you to use said improper verbiage. You, nor anyone else are elected to lead! Let me repeat. YOU ARE NOT ELECTED TO LEAD, YOU ARE ELECTED TO REPRESENT! Your broken mentality is sadly the same as every other 🐓🍭 in DC, and is the reason this once great country is now circling the drain. 😪

You have failed to do your job so Jason take your own advice and Resign........

Represent, not lead. So, just exactly what are you doing to truly represent your constituents, Jason Smith? Mostly what I see is blathering online and barbecues.

You mean like you, Jason! We have not seen you doing your job at all!

Keep fighting Jason. The majority of your district is behind you.

Smith makes a list of his failures and then accuses the other side of those failures.

Does that mean you'll vote for the budget reconciliation and bipartisan infrastructure bill then? Cuz that would certainly help a ton of American people.

Right they are supposed to work for us Need decrease the size too many politicians to get anything done Reduce by half help deficits too

So does that mean you'll resign and make room for one, Jason Smith ?

So? When is our elected politicians going to do that?

Kinda like the ol quid pro quo?

Springfield Illinois hospital employees need you

Looks like most of the politicians don’t care about Americans because they are not doing anything about all the nonsense crap that is going on in dc.

That is why you must Go!

Jason we have burnt your phones up yet you decide you're going to sit out representing your people and instead fundraise impeachment should have been on the table six months ago, and no excuses you're as guilty as Biden and the whole mess

When are the hostages going to come home? Seems they are forgotten already???

Let's all put our names in the write in candidate. I maybe looking at the independent party. There's a man who's name is Mann who's gathering signatures to start a new party. The party's name is The Peoples Party it's the Bernie Sanders supporters. What do you think about this Comrade?

So true!

That is why if Kevin McCarthy is either unwilling or unable to go 180 degrees in the EXACT opposite direction he should step aside & let someone else take the helm of leadership...the days of managing the decline are OVER!!! We the People are done being led down the road to communism only to be told that once the GOP has power in the majority they don't have enough of it to do anything...SHUT THIS GOVT DOWN NOW!!!

And that is why we got rid of your orange toadstool buddy, and will hopefully get rid of your useless ass soon!

Kind of like you and your man crush trump???

Wow!!! Another can't fix stupid

YESSSSS Finally I can say. I AGREE!!!

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2 days ago
Jason Smith

AOC is more like a Kardashian in Congress than a champion for working people. Just like the DC Dems, they talk about taxing the rich and helping the working class but then they turn around and pass a bill that is a giveaway to the rich and sticks the working class with higher prices and lower wages. ... See MoreSee Less

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Whether politicians are Democrat or Republican if things are not proposed or started things are going to change. People are done with the none progress on both sides. Someone may be downing other politicians but what are they doing on their side? In the real world side we see nothing being done.

It's like she's getting paid to be a cheerleader....only thing is she's cheering for corruption ,communism...and the destruction of this country

More of Jason Smith nothing speech.....

She is by far the dumbest person ever elected to anything

Remove her from office!

Another true idiot .what I would like to know is who voted for this simple minded person

I liked Trump's plan better it worked but the only thing is Trump wanted to give more then 10% the House Senator's didn't want that to happen so they only gave the working people 10% and the business owners a 75% I think I don't remember Joe Biden stop that when he got in and the business owners has to pay 95% in taxes to the Government not 25% and now the working people are going to pay 102% to the Government not 90% yep Joe Biden the best fuck up ever. Joe Biden never won and he is fucking America as fast as he can it's going to take a miracle to put America first again.

Considering all the money you take from big business Jason Smith I wouldn't talk about other congressional representatives...

Stop with the lies. Republicans and Democrats are destroying this country the House and Senate are behind making America a 3rd world country. Republicans talk a lot of shit giving false hope someone is trying to stop the inevitable China is taking over power of the world. You know it. Nothing short of a revolution by the people is going to change what is happening.

Jerry Combs

AOC and her socialist scumbags are fraud

And you are a Champion for the working class? No, more like a prostitute to the elite!

AOC and the libtards are trying to destroy this country! They elected a dementia patient as president! Wake up and realize parties are for themselves, but at least the Republicans stand for the constitution and America!!

Sick of lame brain idiots like the Kardashians full of Botox and plastic surgery and an overbearing money making mother trying to make them relevant. Seriously... they know what is going on in the real world. I DON’T CARE what you think. I am sick of people that support a demented moron that likes kids sitting on his lap and can’t remember world leaders names.

She passes me off she tells use what we have to do but she goes and spends our like it's water running threw her fingers just like a demic(rat )

AOC is like the ice cream truck all the neighbors pay for those who are lacking.



You talk about the rich like you didn’t come from a wealthy family, attend an Ivy League school. Jfc Jason. Do you think this isn’t public information? Your base is isn’t bright, but they can “do their research” by way of Google and find out that you (much like Trump) are a soft-handed boy of privilege.

Great analogy!

Get’em Jason!

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What's New

May 15

Congressman Jason Smith holds China accountable

Farmers across Missouri have suffered during the pandemic shutdown. Rep. Smith followed President Trump’s example in leading his colleagues in the Ways and Means committee to hold China accountable for the agricultural purchase commitments made in the Phase One trade deal.


May 12

Southern Missouri congressman emphasizes importance of rural hospitals and telehealth

Rural hospitals have been ground zero for COVID treatment and prevention across America. The same holds true here in Missouri where our local hospitals and local healthcare professionals are on the front lines every day fighting this pandemic.  

At the start of the outbreak, Congressman Smith spoke with 50 of the area’s leading doctors, healthcare workers, and hospital personnel to hear directly what they need to better serve southern Missourians. He shared those ideas directly with the President Trump Administration who enacted several of the recommendations to help make sure folks in Rural America are not overlooked in this time of need. 


Apr 04

Jason Smith is Excited to See Missourians Step Up.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Rep. Smith reached out to doctors and medical professionals around rural Missouri to hear their ideas about what he could do to help these front line workers. One of the biggest burdens they mentioned was Medicare’s rules preventing them from doing over the phone consultations with at-risk individuals and seniors, resulting in many of them having to travel far distances to go to their office or hospitals.

Immediately Smith outlined this problem for the Administration and less than 10 days later, President Trump and his team updated the rules governing Medicare to allow doctors in rural areas to conduct phone only consults with patients so that not only could the patients stay safe, but so too could the healthcare professionals acting as our first line of defense during this crisis.


Feb 22

Smith is important ally for Trump White House

President Donald Trump may have no better friend in Congress than U.S. Rep. Jason Smith. The 39-year-old congressman who represents Missouri’s Eighth District plays a key legislative role, serving on the seven-member House GOP leadership team as Republican Conference secretary. A member of the Ways and Means Committee, one of the more powerful congressional assignments, Smith said tax reform and trade have been priorities.


Dec 19

Congressman Jason Smith: ‘Absolutely no’ on impeachment

The impeachment circus run by the Left is an attempt to undo our electoral process and the will of 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump.  The evidence presented in the House proceedings was a string of assumptions which lacked zero evidence and no merit. This entire coordinated effort to remove President Trump before he even took office is damaging to the integrity of our Republic and is a blatant abuse of power by Speaker Pelosi. Congressman Smith served as a co-chair of Trump for Missouri in 2016 and is again in 2020. He stood with the President in fighting back against this baseless political impeachment effort and continues to expose it for what it is – a partisan attempt to remove a President the Left simply doesn’t like.  


Dec 10

Smith asks that presidential candidates recuse themselves

Congressman Smith has been an outspoken opponent of the Left’s impeachment circus. Not only has the process been a complete sham and one sided attack on the President, but it has been loaded with bias and lacks any effort for due process for our President. Smith recently led two dozen Member of the House of Representatives in calling on any U.S. Senator running for President to recuse themselves in the Senate’s impeachment trial. Their participation in the trial would be egregious because of a clear conflict of interest and there is no way they could uphold their constitutional obligation of impartiality. 


Dec 07

House Republicans look to block 2020 Democrats from Senate impeachment trial

U.S. Senators also running for President themselves would undoubtedly be prejudiced by their own political ambitions. The entire impeachment farce against President Trump has been fueled by their blind hatred of him, not because any actual crime was committed. The lack of due process and rights for the President has proven what a sham effort this has been. To begin to restore some semblance of fairness, Congressman Smith authored a resolution requiring Senators running against President Trump to recuse themselves from an impeachment trial, it isn’t right or fair they should get to vote to impeach their political opponent.  


Nov 14

Rep. Jason Smith: House in ‘Chaos’ as Democrats Focus on Impeachment.

The impeachment of our president is nothing more than the left trying to undo the 2016 election. In basing their case for impeachment on hearsay rather than the high crimes and misdemeanors that our founding fathers intended impeachment proceedings for, Adam Schiff, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and their Socialist followers in the U.S. Congress are trying to undermine the election and wasting valuable time that Congress could be using to get important things done for our country. During Congressman Smith’s time in office, he’s never seen such a circus nor witnessed such unproductive and unfounded chaos. 


‘He’s a Phony, He’s a Fake, and He’s a Liar’: Congressional Colleague Sounds Off on Adam Schiff.

The left, led by Adam Schiff, understands they cannot beat President Trump at the ballot box. Instead, the Democrats would rather waste time with a sham impeachment hearing rather than passing a budget or getting anything else substantive done. This administration has done great things for our economy, protected our domestic and foreign interests, and renewed investment in rural America. But the left has held a vote to impeach him four times in three years all because they don’t believe somebody who they don’t like should hold our highest office. Adam Schiff is undercutting the vote of the American people and stalling our government over petty partisan politics. 


Oct 24

Mo. Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Help Working College Students.

Students today are graduating with more student loan debt than ever before. As someone still paying off their student loans, Rep. Smith knows this challenge personally. He recently introduced legislation to more than double the financial assistance working students can receive from their employers without encumbering additional taxes. This will allow more students to receive more assistance and ultimately help lessen what they owe upon graduation.  


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