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Jul 28

GOP senators suggest bipartisan infrastructure deal in place, vote looms

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to turn the bipartisan infrastructure package into a hostage negotiation. Instead of rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, she is demanding a $3 trillion package that includes amnesty for illegal immigrants, forcing Medicaid on all states, and radical Green New Deal policies. The people of Southern Missouri want physical infrastructure, not Nancy Pelosi’s socialist wish list.

Read more on Nancy Pelosi holding the bipartisan infrastructure deal hostage.

Jul 24

Rep. Smith rips St. Louis prosecutor’s no-show at murder trial: ‘Unacceptable’

Prosecutors in St. Louis are more focused on enforcing mask mandates on vaccinated people than putting murderers in jail. These delays in prosecution are failures in duty and these corrupt officials should be removed immediately.

Watch Congressman Smith speak about St. Louis Prosecutors letting murderers walk.

Jul 21

Congressmen introduce legislation to help working students

Many in southern Missouri work hard to pay their way through school. As somebody who’s still paying back their student loans, Congressman Smith knows firsthand the challenge of covering the astronomical costs of college. His bipartisan legislation, the Upward Mobility Enhancement Act, would make it easier for students who work their way through higher education to achieve their dreams.

Read more on Rep. Smith’s bill helping working-class students here.

Jul 14

Britney Spears’ conservatorship inspires Rep. Jason Smith to launch legislation over contraceptive rights

Forcing birth control on any woman from a third party is wrong. Britney Spears’ ongoing conservatorship battle brought this horrific practice to light. To end this awful, forced procedure and protect the right of women to have a voice in whether to have contraception, Congressman Smith introduced the CIRCUS Act to ensure that what happened to Spears will never happen to anyone else.

Read more on the CIRCUS Act here.

Jun 25

Rep. Jason Smith slams Biden’s spending priorities: ‘Absolutely unacceptable’

Security threats like China and our southern Border being abused by the criminal cartels don’t seem to worry Joe Biden one bit. That’s why Joe Biden flatlined funding for the Department of Homeland Security and didn’t put one single dollar to securing our border in his budget. His priorities lie in taxing the American people, which is why he plans to hire 87,000 additional IRS agents to get every penny out of you. While Biden and his extreme regime of Socialists attempt to squeeze the American taxpayer dry, Congressman Smith is at ground zero for this fight in the Budget Committee, pushing back against their misplaced liberal wish list.

Watch Congressman Smith’s interview about Joe Biden’s Misplaced Budget Values here.

Jun 10

Rep. Smith challenges Biden budget director on ‘absolutely absurd’ use of term ‘birthing people’

“Mother” is a title millions of women across America are proud to hold. So why is the Biden Administration trying to strike it from our language and replace it with “birthing people”? It’s nothing more than another attempt to redefine a core American institution like motherhood by changing our language to appease the ‘woke’ left in the name of “acceptance” and “inclusion”. Congressman Smith questioned Biden’s OMB Director on these ridiculous and divisive terms.

Watch Rep. Smith’s interview about “birthing people” here.

Jun 07

Smith shares concerns on FY22 budget proposal, warns of tax, inflation increases

Under Biden’s plans, Missouri employers would be taxed higher than those in communist China. Proposals like this put America LAST and will have devastating repercussions for workers and wages. As Republican Leader of the Budget Committee, Congressman Smith is at the forefront on stopping this legislation and bringing commonsense Missouri values and America First policies to the Budget Committee.

Read more on Biden’s America Last Budget here.

May 11

Congressman tours southern border, says policies ‘crazy’

More people have illegally crossed our southern border than the entire population of Kansas City, Missouri since Joe Biden took office. Rep. Smith visited the border to see the crisis firsthand. There he witnessed illegal crossings, an unfinished border wall, and illegal immigrants from all over the world waiting to be released into America. Make no mistake, the world sees that our southern border is open and that the White House has no plans of ending this crisis anytime soon.

Read more on Congressman Smith’s Trip to the Southern Border here.

Apr 30

Rep. Jason Smith Ranked as Top Conservative In the Missouri Delegation

In recognition of his record defending the working class and conservative Missouri values, Congressman Smith received the award for Conservative Excellence by the American Conservative Union Foundation. His conservative vote score ranked as the top in the Missouri delegation and highlights Rep. Smith’s efforts to bring commonsense thinking to Washington.

Read more about Rep. Smith being recognized for his conservative values here.

Apr 16

Rep. Jason Smith: ‘Divided’ Democrat Party Faces Narrow Path to Pass Infrastructure

Washington Democrats will do anything to push their radical agenda through, even if it means redefining what infrastructure is to meet their phony definition. To the working-class folks who have built America, infrastructure is roads, bridges, airports, dams, and broadband. In yet another attempt to deceive the American people Speaker Pelosi and the Washington Democrats are trying to expand this definition to pass a bill that has less than 6% going to roads and bridges and less than 2% to airports, waterways, locks, and dams.  This $2.3 trillion boondoggle includes more blue state bailouts and aims at increasing Washington’s control over you and your everyday life while taking the power of decision out of your control and putting it into the hands of a DC bureaucrat. 

Read more about Rep. Smith’s thoughts on the wasteful infrastructure package here.

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2 days ago
Jason Smith

President Trump wanted to hear from me because he cared about rural America. Joe Biden just thinks of us as flyover country. That's because he's focused on increasing Washington command and control over the lives and livelihoods of American families. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Why aren't republicans INSISTING on the border wall being finished as part of this so called infrastructure bill??it's nothing but a pork filled Christmas list for dems, their cronies and donors

"tRump cared about rural America".... Only because y'all were dumb enough to vote for him!

Jason if you believe that line you really do need to go……”President Trump wanted to hear from me”…LOL

Trump only cares about votes fron Missouri NOT people!!!!!

Well, the unthinking Dems are out in force today!!!!

Another 110% true statement that the gentleman's making and if you'll notice you don't get a bunch of idiot Democrats arguing this point

Thanks to the Democrats in Congress and Pres. Biden, everyday families nation-wide are getting advanced child tax-credits in the form of CASH every month through December. Gee... I wonder why the GQP didn't think of that?!? 🙄 Jason voted against this program, btw...

The only reason Trump wanted to hear from Smith was because he was lonely for someone to kiss his rear.

Thats because middle america doesn't bow down too the overlords, its Why they Hate us...

Bullshit he won Missouri

Sad but true.

Stop the spending No new infrastructure bill

Brainwashed democrats!

Kamala thinks you don’t have Kinkos!

The former president doesn't give a damn about you. Hilarious

jayson`s head is so far up trumps ass that when trump goes to prison, and he will, it will be jaysons ass that gets screwed not trumps

Blah Blah Blah Jason are horrible

More Republican Propaganda from Putin's Puppets trump and the Republican Party!!!!

Only thing trump is worried about now is going to prison......he never cared about actual American people, unless it benefited himself FIRST. Now Jason Smith thinks trump can benefit him.......good luck sucker.🍭


True statement!!👍👍👍🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

You said it that is all they want.

Trump just makes Biden look 👀 like he has Alzheimer’s or Dementia!

How true

Jason Smith you still suck.

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2 days ago
Jason Smith

Prosecutors in St. Louis are more focused on criminalizing those who ignore politically-motivated mask mandates than they are on locking up murderers. It’s completely unacceptable. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Murders should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Anyone that disagrees probably has never been robbed at gun point or beat down to give up their stuff. If either of those happened they'd be crying where are the police why aren't the prosecutors gonna prosecute

COVID-19 is going wild. How did they stop the plage over in Europe about the 16th century. Now we lie on medicine and don't know what's in it or who made it and how it was tested. People are not looking at it from a allergic point of view. I'm allergic to the flue shot so I have to look into this but didn't see how it was tested and how long so no I'm not taking or have someone tell me to take it. There best way to take it if God came down from heaven and says take the vacation and I haven't seen him say that yet. Only people that think there God. I'm literally standing by my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He protect me from being kill in a motor vehicle accident (August 22 1990 and back at work December 13 1990) and I got up and walked he will do t now.

And Republicans don't care how many people die from COVID-19, just don't ask them to wear a mask or social distance!

This is stupid if they are really doing this then they have lost the Constitution some we're because this is not or should be a law.

St. Louis prosecutors office is a joke. 😂😂😂😂😀. I would love for George Sorry Ass to give me some of that money.🤔😳😊

Oh, horse hockey.

Democrats are a cancer.....

Jason Smith is more interested in making brownie points with the defeated Trump than he is in saving lives in Missouri.

There's a lot of this going on in Washington County Missouri also not the mask mandate but murders walking Scott free

Next they’ll be mandating we wear blindfolds so we can’t see what’s really going on!

Inflation is getting really bad No new spending No new infrastructure



Agree with you Jason Smith


St Louis is just the opposite of how a society should operate. This is the most crime ridden disgusting armpit in the nation. Nothing going on in St Louis makes any kind of good sense.

Not your district, but we all knew you couldn’t go a single day without bellyaching something trivial.

Take ALL the criminal element, and those who oppose the honoring of our Flag, and put them on the front line, in place of our Honest soldiers, and let THEM fight for their lives!!!!

Yes the mayor of St Louis and the mayor of Kansas City or both idiots and ought to be locked up because they're that stupid!

Yep they have their own personal bodyguard to protect them they don't give a damn about anyone else

Jason your a dumb ass moron and you lie more than traitor Trump, why don’t you just stfu .

Soros backed prosecutors

Soros thugs.


Kc missouri

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