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1 week ago
Jason Smith

I am truly honored to receive President Donald Trump’s complete and total endorsement! With so much at stake in this year's election, I hope you will join President Trump in supporting my campaign so Republicans can Take Back the House this fall and restore the America First agenda in Washington!

Donate here: textsinfo.com/trumpendorsement
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I am truly honored to receive President Donald Trump’s complete and total endorsement! With so much at stake in this years election, I hope you will join President Trump in supporting my campaign so Republicans can Take Back the House this fall and restore the America First agenda in Washington! 

Donate here: https://textsinfo.com/trumpendorsement

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Impeached twice, Ring leader of Jan 6th ... yeah, I can see why Jason looks up to this clown...

LoL, Good luck with that, though I would not say it out loud, speaks of sedition, how did you vote ???

Slime tends to find other slime.. and you are really slimmy!

Donald Trump adores Tim I will be voting for him

Endorsed by the Bottom of the Septic Tank…..real good Jason….LOL

Jason we back you all the way!!!

You can go to jail with all QANON Republicans

Congratulations Jason🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲


❤️ ❤️ ❤️

If you are endorsed by Trump I will not vote for you so goodbye

I wouldn’t be proud to be part of an insurrection plot. But these crimes were committed in public view projects.propublica.org/represent/members/trump-texas-amicus-house-members

I hope you become as big a loser as him.


Democratic pigs

Republicans are polluting Congress.

Oh look Jason Smith asking for more money from the 8th district during this time of inflation so he can do nothing for us. If you're tired of this Republican who will send that money over to Ukraine vote for Jacob Turner for 8th District Congress . Jacob will fight for your liberty instead of asking for more of your money.

Trump only endorsed you because he doesn’t know about the stuff you are pulling. You voted to send 40 billion to the Ukraine right after trump said it was a horrible idea. Must be a last ditch effort to save your campaign. Vote Jacob Turner for 8th District Congress on august 2nd

Absolutely amazing at how many stupid people there are here in Missouri under Trump's Administration gasoline was down to $1.60 a gallon the economy was screaming success the Border was being closed a lot of people were actually extremely happy except for the Liberals and the leftist and Biden Biden has done nothing but create hate animosity a worst economy in God knows how many years and you people are still hating on Trump like like my grandpappy always said you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink

Hahaha what a schmuck!

Jason Smith thinks being supported by a wannabe dictator who tried to stage a coup is a good thing. Congressman Jason Smith when did you first realize you turned your back on our nation? Side question, when Trump ends up behind bars, will you still be groveling on your knees in front of him or will you pretend you care about the USA at that point?

Jason are you on #TruthSocial ?

You cannot be Godly & support trump it's logical! trump appeareared on Playboy numerous times, his wife in it! Bragged about "grabbing women by the pus*y (his words not mine), says "F*ck" repeatedly, even several weeks ago, knowing it would be televised & children would hear! Doesn't attend church, is a proven liar & adulter! The list goes on.😡 How a Christian could vote for trump. Does Smith love God or trump! Goodness or evil?

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1 week ago
Jason Smith

Today, the Radical Left is attempting to ban the most popular gun in America.

I have had ENOUGH of blaming law abiding citizens! Stop this MADNESS!
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In my 63 years of life I have Never seen a gun pick itself up and shoot someone...and if they go after punishing the manufacturer then I guess we can also sue car manufacturers for drunk driving murders and disabling people, we can sue the alcohol companies, we can sue the knife manufacturers, but no don't you dare punish the perpetrator, no they bail them out or let them loose back into the population to continue their life of crime...

They always blame the gun not the shooter

I'm 74 and have no intention of changing anything in my life for these Communist's liberal that think they are Democrats. They are far to the left of American values.

Smith is such a joke.

A policeman in quiet North Kansas City was shot to death during a routine traffic stop. The person driving the car had a gun laying conveniently on the passenger seat. He turned himself in and said he shot the policeman because he didn't want to go to jail or have his car towed. If that gun was not laying there within his immediate grasp, maybe the policeman's wife would not now be a widow and his parents would not be missing a son

Jason has "HAD ENOUGH", now like always... he will do nothing about everything he cries about...

Jason I truly wish that there were more like you in congress, you have your head sitting squarely on your shoulders, unlike so many that are holding positions in our government these days.

There are people we all know who have no business owning a firearm. The AR-15 is a military style rifle with the right combination of the style bullet you use can do a lot of damage. They are designed to KILL the enemy. You don’t use an AR-15 to shoot varmints. Its designed to KILL human beings. At least there needs to be some kind of legislative action where they can at least screen the people who buy them. Part of the problem is when Republicans always say the Democrats wants your guns. Not true. Thats scare tactics. And don’t forget Republicans represent big pockets which means big organizations like the NRA who is one of their biggest donors. Thats why they do more to reduce taxes on businesses because businesses give them more money to protect them not like the little donations you get from regular people. Thats who they represent more is big business not their constituents. But they want to be able to at least screen who that person is buying that firearm. At least a background check to look for issues. Also make it age 21 before you can purchase a military style firearm. Use reason. Use common sense and quit listening to this Republican rhetoric that Smith promotes. I don’t like seeing the news where 19 kids were murdered. No one does

You have my vote brother.

Madness is a mild word for it.


Yeah and how many RINO's voted with their gun control nonsense this last time. To be blunt, Roy Blunt shit on any legacy he had in my opinion with his last vote for gun control!


Because they want people ( law abiding ones ) defenseless. But the criminals will always be able to get guns


You see what the cowards did on Jan 6. They won’t hesitate again. If our leaders do what Trudeau did we need to rebel with guns this next time Hope it does not come to that

Biden good luck trying to get my guns I put them upstairs

Here's where "pro-life" Jason Smith cares more about guns than children

I agree

I Liked Violet Thompson comment

Do you even care about your constituents? Who needs AR’s? We need something besides thoughts and prayers from Republicans.


Yep, you are an idiot. How much money are you receiving from the NRA and gun manufacturers?

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2 weeks ago
Jason Smith

It’s official: we’re in the Biden Recession. Washington Democrats solution? Manchin-flation, courtesy of more reckless tax and spending. They don’t care about the working class. Replace them all. #RedWave ... See MoreSee Less

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Rural and working class america has been in recession since biden was made head clown of the circus that is the u.s government.

Better than Trumps tax cuts for the rich, and the party that tried to destroy America's democracy. But, again...Jason Smith just sits on the sidelines regardless of what is going on.🤷‍♂️

Congressmen Smith want are you doing to help? The only thing you do is blame Democrats and the President. Post a list of meaningful legislation that you actually wrote and got passed. Too much blaming not enough working together to ensure everyone’s best interests. You can’t keep running in blaming democrats and Trump.

We know this administration is destroying our country at every turn. We need to know what to do to stop these corrupt elites.

Except that you are misleading by failing to mention that the Democratic proposal will create more jobs, reduce the cost of pharmaceutical drugs, reduce the premiums on ACA healthcare insurance and NOT add a single penny in tax to any family earnings less than $400,000 a year. And, continues to cut the already record setting reduction in the deficit. Tell the whole truth. Sound and fury Smith-MO. Sit down, you’re past your term limits.


No they don't they are turning us into Sri Lanka is exactly what they are doing, no way too access your own money and starving them to death and its why the people are protesting like crazy right now.

I agree we need to replace them all that don't have the guts to stand for the average americans

Never trusted Manchin that much. He might have sided with Republicans sometime. His roots are with the democrats.

They are destroying us !!!

After small business 87000 new irs agents had enough yet oh the red is coming I'm afraid it will be bloody red hell with all ofem

Did u vote against the vets

Jason you have my vote.

Missouri primary on Tuesday. Get out and vote.

Heard Jason was a RHINO. Whats the truth?

I totally agree!!!!!


End the Fed.

Thanks Captain Obvious! We can ALWAYS depend on you to provide US with the news we already new months ago…

How will we recover after 2 more years of his B.S.

Republicans certainly don’t give a **** about the working class all they care about is justification for their wealthy buddies and how much they can get donated to their causes

Jason Smith, will carry on Roy Blunts agenda. Smith in his whole career, has done nothing but get paid, and kiss Blunts ass. It is sad I live in Oklahoma, and can see what Jason Smith will bring Missouri. He will bring nothing but greed.We can see how Roy Blunt, has filled his coffers off your wages. 4 homes, 2 in Virginia. Why would Blunt need 2 homes, in Virginia. Is he working for them, instead of you? He has only 1, house in Missouri. Lol. Jason Smith, will spend your money, and live damn well doing it.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲. Good luck Missouri, if Smith is all you have.🇺🇲🇺🇲

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What's New

Jason Smith for Congress
May 15

Congressman Jason Smith holds China accountable

Farmers across Missouri have suffered during the pandemic shutdown. Rep. Smith followed President Trump’s example in leading his colleagues in the Ways and Means committee to hold China accountable for the agricultural purchase commitments made in the Phase One trade deal.


Jason Smith for Congress
May 12

Southern Missouri congressman emphasizes importance of rural hospitals and telehealth

Rural hospitals have been ground zero for COVID treatment and prevention across America. The same holds true here in Missouri where our local hospitals and local healthcare professionals are on the front lines every day fighting this pandemic.  

At the start of the outbreak, Congressman Smith spoke with 50 of the area’s leading doctors, healthcare workers, and hospital personnel to hear directly what they need to better serve southern Missourians. He shared those ideas directly with the President Trump Administration who enacted several of the recommendations to help make sure folks in Rural America are not overlooked in this time of need. 


Jason Smith for Congress
Apr 04

Jason Smith is Excited to See Missourians Step Up.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Rep. Smith reached out to doctors and medical professionals around rural Missouri to hear their ideas about what he could do to help these front line workers. One of the biggest burdens they mentioned was Medicare’s rules preventing them from doing over the phone consultations with at-risk individuals and seniors, resulting in many of them having to travel far distances to go to their office or hospitals.

Immediately Smith outlined this problem for the Administration and less than 10 days later, President Trump and his team updated the rules governing Medicare to allow doctors in rural areas to conduct phone only consults with patients so that not only could the patients stay safe, but so too could the healthcare professionals acting as our first line of defense during this crisis.


Jason Smith for Congress
Feb 22

Smith is important ally for Trump White House

President Donald Trump may have no better friend in Congress than U.S. Rep. Jason Smith. The 39-year-old congressman who represents Missouri’s Eighth District plays a key legislative role, serving on the seven-member House GOP leadership team as Republican Conference secretary. A member of the Ways and Means Committee, one of the more powerful congressional assignments, Smith said tax reform and trade have been priorities.


Jason Smith for Congress
Dec 19

Congressman Jason Smith: ‘Absolutely no’ on impeachment

The impeachment circus run by the Left is an attempt to undo our electoral process and the will of 63 million Americans who voted for President Trump.  The evidence presented in the House proceedings was a string of assumptions which lacked zero evidence and no merit. This entire coordinated effort to remove President Trump before he even took office is damaging to the integrity of our Republic and is a blatant abuse of power by Speaker Pelosi. Congressman Smith served as a co-chair of Trump for Missouri in 2016 and is again in 2020. He stood with the President in fighting back against this baseless political impeachment effort and continues to expose it for what it is – a partisan attempt to remove a President the Left simply doesn’t like.  


Jason Smith for Congress
Dec 10

Smith asks that presidential candidates recuse themselves

Congressman Smith has been an outspoken opponent of the Left’s impeachment circus. Not only has the process been a complete sham and one sided attack on the President, but it has been loaded with bias and lacks any effort for due process for our President. Smith recently led two dozen Member of the House of Representatives in calling on any U.S. Senator running for President to recuse themselves in the Senate’s impeachment trial. Their participation in the trial would be egregious because of a clear conflict of interest and there is no way they could uphold their constitutional obligation of impartiality. 


Jason Smith for Congress
Dec 07

House Republicans look to block 2020 Democrats from Senate impeachment trial

U.S. Senators also running for President themselves would undoubtedly be prejudiced by their own political ambitions. The entire impeachment farce against President Trump has been fueled by their blind hatred of him, not because any actual crime was committed. The lack of due process and rights for the President has proven what a sham effort this has been. To begin to restore some semblance of fairness, Congressman Smith authored a resolution requiring Senators running against President Trump to recuse themselves from an impeachment trial, it isn’t right or fair they should get to vote to impeach their political opponent.  


Jason Smith for Congress
Nov 14

Rep. Jason Smith: House in ‘Chaos’ as Democrats Focus on Impeachment.

The impeachment of our president is nothing more than the left trying to undo the 2016 election. In basing their case for impeachment on hearsay rather than the high crimes and misdemeanors that our founding fathers intended impeachment proceedings for, Adam Schiff, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and their Socialist followers in the U.S. Congress are trying to undermine the election and wasting valuable time that Congress could be using to get important things done for our country. During Congressman Smith’s time in office, he’s never seen such a circus nor witnessed such unproductive and unfounded chaos. 


Jason Smith for Congress

‘He’s a Phony, He’s a Fake, and He’s a Liar’: Congressional Colleague Sounds Off on Adam Schiff.

The left, led by Adam Schiff, understands they cannot beat President Trump at the ballot box. Instead, the Democrats would rather waste time with a sham impeachment hearing rather than passing a budget or getting anything else substantive done. This administration has done great things for our economy, protected our domestic and foreign interests, and renewed investment in rural America. But the left has held a vote to impeach him four times in three years all because they don’t believe somebody who they don’t like should hold our highest office. Adam Schiff is undercutting the vote of the American people and stalling our government over petty partisan politics. 


Jason Smith for Congress
Oct 24

Mo. Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Help Working College Students.

Students today are graduating with more student loan debt than ever before. As someone still paying off their student loans, Rep. Smith knows this challenge personally. He recently introduced legislation to more than double the financial assistance working students can receive from their employers without encumbering additional taxes. This will allow more students to receive more assistance and ultimately help lessen what they owe upon graduation.  


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