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3 weeks ago
President Biden has put American families LAST. My friends in Pulaski County know how damaging Biden’s first 100 days have been for the working class. Together we will FIRE Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and stop the Washington political elites. JasonSmithMO photo
3 weeks ago
I saw some old friends last night in Mountain Grove! It was great to speak to folks about the fight we’re taking to the radical Biden-Schumer agenda to preserve working class values and our rural way of life. JasonSmithMO photo
4 weeks ago
Full house of Trump loving conservatives in Wright County tonight! Together we will tell Speaker Pelosi, YOU’RE FIRED, and protect the movement to put Americas working class first which President Trump started. Southern Missouri is in the fight! JasonSmithMO photo
4 weeks ago
Great to speak to the 8th District Federation of Republican Women Club this morning in West Plains. These women work tirelessly to ensure Southern Missouri stays bright red! JasonSmithMO photo