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Jason Smith
Jason Smith4 days ago

‪Thanks Governor Mike Parson for stopping by our booth to speak with our volunteers from Missouri S&T College Republicans! We had a great time listening to you and First Lady Teresa Parson speak on your vision for the future of Missouri at State Lincoln Day.‬...

Jason Smith
Jason Smith6 days ago

Over the last four years, countless things have changed for the better. America is regaining our strength in the economy and around the world. President Trump is taking care of Americans -- our taxes are lower and wages are higher. Unemployment is at its lowest...

Jason Smith
Jason Smith7 days ago

Bloomberg doesn’t know the first thing about farming. Here you have it, another city slicker thinking they know best. Newsflash, Bloomberg - you and your other presidential wannabes are out of touch with countless Americans.

Each and everyday, thousands of American farmers...

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3 days ago
The Left’s Presidental front runner accusing those who support Israel of bigotry is comical. You want a radical candidate who praises socialist countries like Cuba and bashes our allies in democracy and world stability, here he is. https://t.co/s9x0m4zpxF
4 days ago
Thanks @GovParsonMO for stopping by our booth to speak with our volunteers from Missouri S&T College Republicans! We had a great time listening to you and the @FirstLadyTeresa speak on your vision for the future of Missouri at State Lincoln Day. @MissouriGOP https://t.co/jqdCFfpviG JasonSmithMO photo
6 days ago
Just want to remind everyone how unrealistic, uniformed, & impractical the Green New Deal is. Missouri alone would lose 117,500 jobs, & each month, each family would owe the government $330 more. That’s almost $4,000 more a year. That’s not going to fly.
7 days ago
There’s no denying that we’re better off now than we were four years ago. Grateful for the leadership of President Trump! #MAGA #Trump2020 https://t.co/qd6ouqGnKo

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Jan 22

Ozarks’ Congressman Jason Smith says he will donate shutdown paychecks to charity – KY3, January 20, 2018

When the government shutdown, it was because Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the obstructionist cared more about illegal immigrants rights than they cared about paying our men and women in the military. Missourians are owed better from their federal government. For each day of the shutdown, I will be donating my salary to a charity in Missouri.Simply put, I don’t believe your elected officials should be getting paid for failing to serve you.

Read more and see Congressman Smith’s video about the government shutdown here.

Oct 16

Smith meets with Vice President on tax reform; Smith will tour southern Missouri this week (AUDIO) – Missourinet, October 16, 2017

Our federal tax code is a mess. Deductions, loopholes, credits, special interest exemptions and bailouts which benefit few, but cost us all. I believe you deserve to keep more of your hard earned money, not the government.

I am fighting for a fairer, flatter and simpler tax code which would allow 95% of Americans to file their taxes on one simple sheet of paper, giving them more money and time to spend with their family, friends and loved ones. Our tax code hurts American businesses, American workers and our farmers. By reducing our tax rates and making our code less burdensome, we can give millions of American families the pay increase they deserve. CLICK HERE TO HEAR ABOUT CONGRESSMAN SMITH’S RECENT MEETING WITH THE VICE PRESIDENT ON TAX REFORM.

Oct 15

U.S. Rep. Jason Smith backs Trump’s health-care changes – Southeast Missourian, October 15, 2017

Earlier this year in the U.S. House of Representatives I helped usher through a repeal and replacement of the disastrous Obamacare healthcare law. That law has led to higher out of pocket expenses for Americans, less choice, and a government rationing of healthcare services.

Almost all of the counties in south central and southeast Missouri have only one choice for coverage under the Obamacare exchanges and some may soon have none. Where is the choice? Where is the competition? All the healthcare law has done is put a government bureaucrat between you and your family’s healthcare decisions. Unfortunately the repeal efforts have stalled in the United States Senate. Recently, the President announced his Administration would end the illegal practice of the Obama Administration which was making unauthorized and unappropriated payments to health insurance providers to get them to stay in the Obamacare exchanges. Congress never approved this money and it was simply being used to bailout insurance providers who are losing money in a failed government takeover of healthcare. I support the President’s actions as well as his work to support legislation I helped co-author to allow small businesses to band together to buy insurance across state lines. READ MORE ABOUT CONGRESSMAN SMITH’S RESPONSE TO THE PRESIDENT’S ACTIONS HERE.

Sep 10

Jason Smith stops federal funds for sanctuary cities – Three Rivers Publishing, September 10, 2017

Missourians’ tax dollars should not be going to support liberal policies of coastal cities. Sanctuary cities violate U.S. law and provide a safe harbor and refuge for those illegal immigrants who have ignored and are hiding from our legal system.

Recently I was able to author and pass a proposal in the U.S. House of Representatives supporting the call to action from our President and banning the largest swath of federal support dollars allocated around the country, those for infrastructure investments to Sanctuary Cities. If a municipality can’t honor the laws of the United States of America, then they should no longer receive any support from the federal government. READ MORE HERE ABOUT CONGRESSMAN SMITH’S RECENT EFFORTS TO CUT OFF FUNDS TO SANCTUARY CITIES

Feb 09

Smith leads effort to overturn ammunition and tackle ban – The Salem News Online, February 9, 2017

One of the Obama Administrations last directives before leaving office was to issue new rules and regulations banning the use of lead tackle and ammunition on federal lands. I am an ardent defender of your second amendment rights and believe that those who hunt, camp and enjoy our federal lands are the best stewards of that land.

Outraged by this midnight attack on those rights by an outgoing Administration, I authored and led over 50 Members of Congress in an effort and letter to call on the Trump Administration to immediately overturn this directive when taking office. I am pleased to report that one of the first actions taken by Interior Secretary Zinke was to honor this request and on day one of him taking over as Secretary order the department to no longer uphold this directive. YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT CONGRESSMAN SMITH’S EFFORTS TO DEFEND YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS HERE

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