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1 day ago
Jason Smith

Currently, this administration is playing partisan politics when they should be acting as leaders for the people. The American people deserve much better. The bottom line is this, we must secure our Southern Border immediately and end Radical Left spending plans. ... See MoreSee Less

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Before Smith accuses anyone of playing partisan politics, he needs to admit that he had done that fiom the first time he won an election. Smith continues to do the same thing now just as almost every GOP member of the House has doing. Smith needs to learn a few things from Liz Cheney and put his country before his politics.

This administration is doing everything they can to destroy the country. What Biden and his administration has done with their horrendous actions with regard to the Mexican border has done so much damage to our country and its citizens. Biden has done damage to everything he’s touched and is the worst President this country has seen in years.

Then quit talking and let's see some action!

Liberals are trying to turn America into a socialist nation

What specifically are you doing as a representative to secure the border? What are you specifically doing to end the left spending plan?

Currently, and forever, YOU and your cohorts are playing partisan politics. Get to sessions and do something instead of making so many videos and nonsense posts for Facebook.

What are you guys doing about stopping their green plan? Why does Billionaire Tesla get tax subsidies??? What are you doing too protect citizens Rights too refuse that unknown vax??? What are you doing too stop the alphabet agencies from way too much power and control over citizens rights with being concerned about their children, they need to do what they were meant for, Protecting U S Citizens and going after Tyranny in Congress that are no good thieves and dictators...

Agree, sir! Well said. Chris

Y’all need to get together like they did on trump and stop this crap

STOP PLAYING POLITICS!!! All congressional representatives and senators stop playing politics and using the party lines as an excuse! Start doing what right for this country and the American people!

The present administration hasn't done anything for the American taxpayers . America would be money ahead by eliminating the present administration completely and replaced with people who care more about America. CORRUPT POLITICIANS ARE CRIMINALS NOT LEADERS!

2nd post from Jason after the tornados that affected families in Southeast Missouri with not even a mention about it. Still waiting on representation.

This administration Dont care about us. Its all about control and stealing

What is Congress doing about this? Besides the legislation Cruz introduced

Im sure you're aware a huge caravan is on its way right now. You MUST not let them across. Its time to stop it ALL now!!!

Nothing will be done....Nothing

I agree , butttt it’s not gonna happen with THIS BRANDON!!!

Guess what China is parading up and down our west coast with missiles and missile launchers war ships and how many of you have heard on peep on this threat to this country. And where o where is our leader (China's favorite American) going to Italy for 'climate change' and then onto Scotland - guess wifey needs a vacation on taxpayers money. He cannot even to interviews in this country but can go to other countries to make us look like fools - all democrats know is to run away and hope any problems go away before they get back. This would never have happened under Trump, and you say Trump is crazy (hahahahaha) well at least he did the job we paid him to do, oh wait, he donated his whole salary to charity for the full four years in office and what does Biden do, gets more money from other countries tax free


Leaders don’t cheat their way in then start mandates and executive orders to destroy our country

They're not playing they are tyrants

No...they arent supposed to be leaders, none of you are...you are supposed be SERVANTS to the people!



I will probably be in f b j a i l for sharing true history and proof of what is happening 60 yrs after it was said.

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2 days ago
Jason Smith

There's over $490 billion in unused COVID funds that Washington Democrats have at their disposal BUT rather than using fiscal restraints, they're full steam ahead because their agenda isn't about helping. It's about SOCIALISM. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear God. Help us. Impeach Biden and his entire administration

Typical, that’s how their financial management works. They only care about themselves, not the future of the country.

Thay spent it already on themselves made themselves richer!

The democrats are waiting for all the illegals to get across the border so they can use that money for their amnesty and "welcome to USA" stimulus checks.

Boy you said that right!!! Crooked an evil is the proven colors to democrats. They’ve divided this country

I am writing this email because I am concerned about things that are good for the country and things that are counter productive for the country at this time. I like being aware of the issues that are currently being played out by the Democratic Party. That is why I bring what I think I am seeing to your attention and is not good for this country. What is not good right now is what Joe Biden, his Administration, Pelosi and her cronies, and the Democratic Party with their big time supporters are doing. They are eagerly allowing the illegals to enter this country to indoctrinate them into believing that the Democrats are the ones helping them in order to make them Democratic supporters. Then they transport them to Republican States and pay for their housing and other benefits for 1 year to insure that they are there for the 2022 election. This is done in an attempt to change the Republican vote balance within the state in order to gain Democratic dominance within that Republican state. Then in the beginning of 2022 the current President, Joe Biden, will issue an executive order to give all illegal aliens amnesty and the right to vote in the 2022 elections. This is being done in order to gain democratic control of this country and force the Republicans out of office on all levels. Their agenda is to have complete dominance over the election results nationwide and the nation's people as a whole. People need to be aware of this Democratic Party Agenda and the need to put a stop to this unethical illegal seizing of political power. I don't know how to fight against this situation but I am sure that this is taking place. They are currently placing illegal immigrants in North Dakota and paying their rent and other expenses for a year to ensure that they are there for the 2022 election. I see this as a problem. I see this as trying to stack the deck against the Republican Party in states that have previously been noted to vote Republican. I see it as another attempt to gain control over the election results as I suspect they did with the mail in voting.

Wonder when Jason is gonna post about the people in Southeast Missouri affected by the tornados and lost their homes, mayne offer ways that we can help them out,, etc.? I mean he represents us. Right?

Who else thinks that will be going in their pockets?

That's the Democrat agenda

Let's Go Brandon!!

Keep up the good fight Jason

Give seniors a $500.00 months for a year. That will take care of that.

Soon to be Communism

It's the 25th amendment we're a President is unfit to stay in office so when is Joe Biden getting out of office?

Hey Jason Smith I have a question. Mo Brooks don't want to answer it maybe you will. Is there a new amendment that when Trump was in office or was there something added to amendment. Just asking Trump told one of my friends friend that it was put in to impeach Joe Biden not Trump. If this is true want does it say to do to get rid of Joe Biden. I haven't looked it up to see if it's true or not. Trump wouldn't lie to his Friends and they wouldn't lie to my friend. She also told me Joe Biden will not be in office much longer and Harris will take over soon. Like I said this is word vomit but the people would like to know when Joe Biden is getting impeached, is it going to be the end of this year or next year?

Total BULLSHIT. I lived in China for 10 years. You IDIOTS wouldn't know Communism if it bit you in the ASS.

Wasn't Jesus a socialist Jason Smith ? Perhaps you should read the bible.....

You are a POS

We've had Socialism in this country ever since I can remember, Jason.

Who puts the billboards up and pays for the ads on TV?When you are against getting a vaccine that could possibly cause you harm I don't think MY tax money is going in the right direction.

While we can't pay rent, utilities, food, medicine. They're all GIANT POS

Fox news sucks like you jason

He is lying again.

Jason Smith, give it a break. Reminds me of when you were in Jeff City and you went on and on about how good puppy mills were and didnt need regulations.

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4 days ago
Jason Smith

Preventing the IRS from becoming a personal attack dog SHOULD be bipartisan. NOT UNDER JOE BIDEN! This administration is using the Obama playbook by using the IRS to TARGET American citizens. It's RECKLESS and UNACCEPTABLE! ... See MoreSee Less

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Obama is still running the country. Can't you people see that.

They use FB I the same way just like a pack of dogs, they well use the IRS the same way. They will just be another pack of dogs with different ways of making lies and deceit it's like that Fbi does today.

The IRS needs to start with Harry and Meghan Markle. Also, isn’t it against our Constitution for foreign royalty to get involved in US Politics? Shouldn’t Harry’s Diplomatic Visa be revoked ? Mr Smith please look into this.

When did it become an issue for the IRS to enforce the tax laws.....oh, when they finally started going after the rich Republicans who are breaking the law. Way to stand for Law and Order, Jason Smith.

It should be bipartisan, a good way to fix it is to ensure they are given the proper resources so they can audit the rich tax cheats that swindle millions or even billions on their taxes. Maybe you should vote yes on that

Need voter id in States since they like to play

Personal attack dog. You should know about dogs, right Jason? Lmao....

WHEN WILL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THE DEMOCRATS ARE KILLERS AND MURDERER OF AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAVE A PROUD WHITE MAN-----------DEMOCRATS ARE THE KILLERS OF AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE---THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FROM ILLITERATE DEMOCRATS-----------BIDEN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT OR THE PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, HE IS A COMMUNIST CRIMINAL DESTROYING AMERICA-----------------------xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-XXXXXXXXXXXXX--THE MEDIA IS NOTHING BUT FAKE COMMUNIST NEWS WORKING WITH THE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS OVERTHROWING AMERICA--------------- OPEN THIS LINK AND SEE FOR YOURSELF WHAT THEY HAVE IN PLAN FOR AMERICA---dave----this is the start of SOCIALISM in AMERICA-----this is all the democrats fault with their double standard of justice and corrupt elections the democrats can do whatever they want because the D O J-- F B I and the supreme court are all corrupt. the people of AMERICA will never get justice. all the riots, burning of buildings, people losing their jobs and the KILLINGS are the democrats fault but they can do what they want-----------------------http://www.floppingaces.net/.../a-vote-for-a-demo

Audit the fed. Fuck the IRS.

Smith, If you're on fox No one can believe a word you say!!! GTFOH

Jayde Dian



Then do something about it!

We are letting tyranny do this, duh. Stand up. Get rid of irs.

What about trump using the DOJ as his private law firm ??🤔 You sure was ok with that.....at least this is actually their job, to find tax cheats...you know, like ...... uh, trump?🤔 Now I see why you don't like it..😳

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Apr 06

Jason Smith: Democrats Jamming Partisan Agenda Through Despite Biden’s Talk about ‘Unity’

Joe Biden’s cries for unity clash with the heavily partisan government overreach his party has championed since he took office. Just as they did with the $1.9 trillion blue state bail-out package, the Democrats are considering cutting out Republicans and the voices of millions of working-class Americans by using reconciliation to pass their so-called “infrastructure” bill. In bypassing half of the legislature, they wish to avoid debate and transparency all to pass their radical bill that will exert greater Washington command over the lives and livelihoods of the American people. 

Read more on Rep. Smith’s thoughts about Joe Biden’s Radical Infrastructure Package.

Mar 10

Biden’s Bill Is Not Like Prior Bipartisan Relief Measures, Rep. Smith Says

Biden’s COVID Package is nothing more than a liberal slush fund designed to bail out his allies in blue states. This package was not about crushing the virus, only 9% of funds go towards direct payments to Americans, distributing vaccines, and getting shots in arms. Nor was it about providing immediate relief to the American people because half the money allocated will not be spent until after 2022. With over $1 trillion still unspent from the previous COVID packages, this was the wrong plan at the wrong time. 

Listen to Congressman Smith’s thoughts on Biden’s flawed partisan Covid Package here.

Rep. Smith Introduces Bill to Eliminate Death Tax

The Death Tax is a callous and greedy penalty on those grieving the loss of a family member, one that particularly targets farms that are transferred from generation to generation. Many cash-strapped farmers and ranchers are forced to liquidate equipment and other assets to fulfill the burden the federal government places upon them. Americans who work their whole lives to pass on benefits to their loved ones shouldn’t have to worry about big government swooping in to take what they can. To combat this greed, Rep. Smith introduced the Death Tax Repeal Act along with Senator John Thune and Rep. Sanford Bishop which would strike this unjust tax code from the law. 

Read more about Rep. Smith fighting to eliminate the Death Tax.

Mar 01

Jason Smith introduces Bill making tax relief for small businesses permanent

Communities across Missouri thrive when small businesses have more money to invest, hire, and grow. To ease the burden felt by Main Street and the working class, Rep. Smith partnered with colleagues and introduced legislation to cut small business taxes so D.C. bureaucrats aren’t telling these businesses how to spend their money. This bill, the Main Street Tax Certainty Act, levels the playing field for family-owned businesses and puts more working-class Americans back to work.

Read more on Congressman Smith’s bill to protect small businesses

Feb 09

Rep. Jason Smith: White House’s American Rescue Plan costs too much

Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID relief package is a textbook example of excessive spending. With $4 trillion already appropriated and $1 trillion yet to be spent, their package would bring us to $6 trillion total since the pandemic began, a cost of $17,000 to every American.  The Democrats’ unwillingness to use the $1 trillion already appropriated shows how they plan on running up the tab on hardworking Americans without caring about the strain it would put on them. Congressman Smith is committed to taking a stand against this wasteful spending. 


Jan 29

Rep. Jason Smith and Sen. Cruz Seek To Help Families Save for Education Expenses

To allow families greater flexibility for K-12 education expenses, Rep. Smith partnered with Senator Ted Cruz and introduced the Student Empowerment Act. This would allow for 529 tax-free college savings to be expanded to include the use of tuition, books, fees and exams related to college admissions, and educational therapy for kids with disabilities, adding even greater flexibility and choice for the education of  our children. By allowing parents, who know what’s best for their children, to be more flexible with their 529 we enable families to better handle unexpected expenses that come with raising a family and give them even more educational freedom. 


Dec 04

Jason Smith plans focus on ‘security’ issues in new Budget panel role

Congressman Smith will lead the charge for Republicans in the Budget Committee against uncapped spending, growing debt, and higher taxes. While Democrats have firmly cemented themselves as the party of the elite, Rep. Smith plans to focus on the working class and the security of our communities by rejecting the radical left’s desire to defund the police and committing to fully funding our law enforcement. By being aggressive in pushing back against socialist policies and spending, Congressman Smith will fight to ensure American families, workers, and small businesses keep more of their hard-earned money. 


Sep 02

Jason Smith Endorsed by Missouri Farm Bureau

With 95,000 farms operating 27 million acres across Missouri, farming is more than our main economic driver, it’s a way of life that many of our communities are built around. Missouri has been feeding America for generations and Jason Smith is honored to fight for one of the most agriculturally diverse areas in our nation. As a 7th generation Missourian and family farm owner himself, Rep. Smith takes looking out for Missouri farmers personally. He’s proud to be endorsed by Missouri Farm Bureau because championing ag friendly policies that get Washington bureaucrats off of farmers’ backs and being a voice for those farmers and ranchers is something that benefits families across America.


Aug 18

House Rep. Jason Smith introduces act to amend Help America Vote Act

For the 2020 Presidential election, the left wants universal mail-in balloting to replace in-person voting. Large scale universal mail-in voting would leave our elections vulnerable to fraud, ballot harvesting, and illegitimate votes. To combat this, Congressman Smith introduced a policy that would require every state considering this to first verify that it was only mailing ballots to eligible and registered voters. A basic and straightforward idea that has been blocked for consideration by Speaker Pelosi. 


Jul 29

Missouri congressman introduces bill aimed at keeping America’s struggling rural hospitals afloat

Rural hospitals are not only a place where our communities go for care but also can often be the only option for critical services within hundreds of miles. With COVID presenting new challenges for these hospitals, many in rural areas are now feeling the pressure to close. Because of this, Congressman Smith proposed that the Health and Human Services Department should take all steps necessary to financially assist rural hospitals experiencing extreme debt, hardships, or the possibility of closure.


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