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Feb 09

Smith leads effort to overturn ammunition and tackle ban – The Salem News Online, February 9, 2017

One of the Obama Administrations last directives before leaving office was to issue new rules and regulations banning the use of lead tackle and ammunition on federal lands. I am an ardent defender of your second amendment rights and believe that those who hunt, camp and enjoy our federal lands are the best stewards of that land.

Outraged by this midnight attack on those rights by an outgoing Administration, I authored and led over 50 Members of Congress in an effort and letter to call on the Trump Administration to immediately overturn this directive when taking office. I am pleased to report that one of the first actions taken by Interior Secretary Zinke was to honor this request and on day one of him taking over as Secretary order the department to no longer uphold this directive. YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT MY EFFORTS TO DEFEND YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS HERE

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith5 days ago

Cuba has begun rolling out rations of food staples because of food shortages.

Under its socialist regime, Cuba has relied on support from the US and from Venezuela to support its population. Now, the country’s leadership is finding it hard to provide...

Jason Smith
Jason Smith1 week ago

“Great necessities call out great virtues.” -Abigail Adams

Happy Mother’s Day!

On such a joyous day, I want to celebrate one of our founding mothers. Abigail Adams knew struggle, separation, sadness. She also loved education, family, and America,...

Jason Smith
Jason Smith2 weeks ago

“In 2012, private ownership of firearms was banned in Venezuela under the regime of Hugo Chavez. Consequently, the people are defenseless to do anything about Maduro's violent refusal to give up control.”

The Framers of the Constitution foresaw that a more powerful...

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19 hours ago
Kamala Harris claimed she supports illegal immigrants getting free health care à la the US gov. Now she’s sidestepping direct answers on whether you’ll be able to keep your insurance, no matter how much you like your current plan. https://t.co/KoTAo9ikSc
3 days ago
“Russiagate has always been a political narrative masquerading as a federal investigation.” https://t.co/lk1yw5vfwr
4 days ago
Liberals commend President Obama for siding with Cuba and they hold it up as an example to the world for socialist healthcare. Now the country can't provide enough food for its people. They forget socialism never works. https://t.co/HlP1M32CFd
5 days ago
Dem 2020 candidate Cory Booker wants to require interview & government license before Americans can exercise their Second Amendment right to buy a firearm. Thank God George Washington didn't need King George's permission to have firearms at Mount Vernon. https://t.co/DziGupBFSz