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2 days ago
Jason Smith

The fact that this administration and Washington Democrats continue to convince themselves that they are helping the American people is absolutely incomprehensible. We need leaders who ignore politics and put forth the best policies to help all of the American people, not just the ones that got them elected. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hahahahahaha. But you won’t step up. You’ll just whine and say someone else needs to do it! You are definitely not a leader!

It seems that Jason Smith decides what he has failed at and then accuses the other side of that.....something he learned from Trump.

The current administration is Hell bent on destroying the country and they’re doing a good job of it.

Go along to get along. Like most Republicans except for a very few. All talk and no action. Take note in 2022!

And I'm sorry Jason but you Republicans Don't stand with your Voters either, you right now have the support behind you and yet you will not grow a spine and Stand with We the People you republicans all most every time give in by bending over and asking how far...Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Susan Powell, Roy Blunt and the likes are so far out of touch with us and are in bed with the far left dems you can see it a mile away...

They don't think they are helping Americans, they know they are trying to control and destroy Americans. This is by design.

And what have you done Jason Smith??………..that’s what I thought….Nothing!!!

Just a quick question he you Jason. Exactly what policies have you put forward for the people who elected you?? I'll wait.

I don't think they think they are helping Americans. It's my belief that they want us dependent on the government and isolated from each other. Then they can control us. JMO.

I wonder what Pelosi will do when she can't get her $12.00 ice cream when trucks can't get it to her. I don't understand why they are doing all the crap they are doing. Do they not realize it is going to affect them and their families. If I was there kids, I would be ashamed of them.

The only way your going to get that is with term limits...step up and get it done

They’re not convinced, they know what they are getting away with. They re laughing their asses off.

Yes we need to leaders for the people. Show us what you can do 😊

What would be best for all of the American People would be to end the Federal Reserve and the IRS simultaneously, and replace them with nothing. How about working towards that?

Republicans and democrats They are on the same coin the future of the country 🙄 isn't dumb Bells

Vague accusations are unconvincing. Please elaborate on your policy platform Jason. We are anxious to hear your plans.

Doesn't matter if your A Democrat or Republican we the middle class are going to suffer with this administration. When our constitution is being denied then neither side wins! We the people elected these people.,not knowing they will only fight! To look like their trying to fight this corruption! Corruption will win until we get a back bone and stand firm on what's right for Americans and America! Most of these representatives are afraid of retaliation on their families., or black balled by their own people in government! Once black balled you might as well retire from politics because you will never win if you want to run for office again!

Keep it Constitutional and you know it’s the right thing to do. States Constitutions have one rule in common for every States Government. The Laws within must stay within the parameters of the Constitution of the United States. And unfortunately, I feel I should also add, I do NOT pledge allegiance to “The Corporation of America”, I pledge allegiance to the United States of America.

Biden needs out of there ASAP!

Liberals are the cancer of this nation.

They are totally worthless traitors to America‼️‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

They don't care about the American people

This statement has no content. Details What exactly don't you like

You got that right


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Sep 29

GOP Rep. Jason Smith Says Democrats Are Party Of The Wealthy

The liberal elite are only looking out for their own with this new spending package. Tax credits for electric vehicles, provisions for the children of millionaires to go to college for free, and $630 billion in Green New Deal funding show just how out of touch they are with the average American. As the leading voice for fiscal responsibility and the working class, Congressman Smith push back hard against DC Democrats efforts to reward elites for their political support. 

Read about Rep. Smith pushing back against this wasteful spending package.

Sep 21

Rep. Jason Smith to Newsmax: US Turning Its Back on Israel

America can’t ever turn our backs on our country’s most important ally, Israel. The radical Democrats who tried to block Iron Dome funding would hang them out to dry. Congressman Smith will continue to stand by Israel’s side. 

Watch Congressman Smith Speak Out against the Squad’s Abandoning Israel.

Sep 13

Congress Barrels Toward Debt Ceiling Catastrophe As Dems, GOP Dig In

Working-class families are hurt the most by the spending that Schumer and Pelosi have greenlit. Democrats’ priorities lie in more reckless spending, not fixing the multiple crises brought onto us by Joe Biden that the Democrat House and Senate have enabled. Congressman Smith is the leading voice for Republicans in the House in opposing this spending and having the backs of workers and job creators across America. 

Read about Congressman Smith’s opposition to Democrat’s excessive spending.

Aug 30

Congressman, state officials and AT&T official celebrate rural broadband expansion

Renewed investment in rural broadband will help connect Southeast Missouri with the rest of the world. More access to broadband in our communities means better healthcare, education, and connectivity in areas that have been forgotten for too long by major networks. Congressman Smith has been a proud advocate for rural broadband and will continue to push for more internet access in southeast Missouri. 

Read more on Congressman Smith’s Efforts to bring Broadband to Southeast Missouri.

Government shutdown 2021: GOP lawmaker says Democrats have had ‘zero’ response to debt limit expiring

Standing at $29 trillion, our nation’s debt limit has been breached. The Democrats’ solution? Spend trillions and trillions more. Congress should be focused on shrinking government spending to end the inflationary taxes of today driving up prices on all things – and preventing the tax increases on American families of tomorrow. Instead, Washington Democrats are using this moment to spend more and seize more control. 

Watch Rep. Smith discuss Democrat’s disregard of the problems they are causing for American families.

Aug 24

Inside Missouri officials’ fight against the federal ‘death tax’

The epitome of greedy, big government is adding more of a financial burden upon a grieving family. That’s why Rep. Smith is leading from the front in repealing the Death Tax. This tax impacts farming families the hardest making it extremely difficult to pass down land, equipment, and livestock to the next generation. To combat this callous government overreach, Congressman Smith co-sponsored the Death Tax Repeal Act to give families grieving the loss of a loved one relief from this unjust and immoral tax. 

Read more about Congressman Smith leading the fight to repeal the Death Tax.

Aug 20

Rep. Jason Smith: The ‘Bernie Budget’ is a disaster for working Americans

The Bernie Budget would do nothing more than burden working-class families with more taxes and allow the government greater control over their lives. DC Democrats plan on spending $68 trillion over the next 10 years that would add $17 trillion in new debt which is higher than any economy in the world except America’s. There is no plan to get our fiscal house in order, the socialist pet projects like amnesty for illegals, tax breaks and green subsidies for environmentalists, expanding government-controlled health care, and doubling the size of the IRS would mean we take in $1.6 trillion less than we spend each year. 

Read Congressman Smith’s Op-Ed on the Socialist Bernie Budget here.

Aug 09

GOP lawmaker says bipartisan infrastructure bill is a ‘gateway drug’ for reconciliation package

The infrastructure package passed by the U.S. Senate is a gateway drug to trillions in more of Washington spending. While investing in infrastructure is important, it must be paid for and not serve as a vehicle to bring along trillions more in unrelated socialist spending. The truth is, Democrats are using the infrastructure bill to also usher through policies which pay off their political friends, allies, and donors, provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, implement the Green New Deal, and put new tax increases on family farmers and the working class. Republicans should have stopped this measure in the Senate, which is why Congressman Smith will continue to be outspoken in opposition to this and more reckless spending by the DC Democrats. 

Listen to Congressman Smith speak out against the reckless package.

Jul 28

GOP senators suggest bipartisan infrastructure deal in place, vote looms

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to turn the bipartisan infrastructure package into a hostage negotiation. Instead of rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, she is demanding a $3 trillion package that includes amnesty for illegal immigrants, forcing Medicaid on all states, and radical Green New Deal policies. The people of Southern Missouri want physical infrastructure, not Nancy Pelosi’s socialist wish list.

Read more on Nancy Pelosi holding the bipartisan infrastructure deal hostage.

Jul 24

Rep. Smith rips St. Louis prosecutor’s no-show at murder trial: ‘Unacceptable’

Prosecutors in St. Louis are more focused on enforcing mask mandates on vaccinated people than putting murderers in jail. These delays in prosecution are failures in duty and these corrupt officials should be removed immediately.

Watch Congressman Smith speak about St. Louis Prosecutors letting murderers walk.

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