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3 weeks ago
President Biden has put American families LAST. My friends in Pulaski County know how damaging Biden’s first 100 days have been for the working class. Together we will FIRE Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and stop the Washington political elites. https://t.co/96NUbMCI99 JasonSmithMO photo
4 weeks ago
I saw some old friends last night in Mountain Grove! It was great to speak to folks about the fight we’re taking to the radical Biden-Schumer agenda to preserve working class values and our rural way of life. https://t.co/3AOZJ8xrYM JasonSmithMO photo
4 weeks ago
Full house of Trump loving conservatives in Wright County tonight! Together we will tell Speaker Pelosi, YOU’RE FIRED, and protect the movement to put Americas working class first which President Trump started. Southern Missouri is in the fight! https://t.co/GgyMyBrZGE JasonSmithMO photo
4 weeks ago
Great to speak to the 8th District Federation of Republican Women Club this morning in West Plains. These women work tirelessly to ensure Southern Missouri stays bright red! https://t.co/RtquCXSJJN JasonSmithMO photo

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Apr 16

Rep. Jason Smith: ‘Divided’ Democrat Party Faces Narrow Path to Pass Infrastructure

Washington Democrats will do anything to push their radical agenda through, even if it means redefining what infrastructure is to meet their phony definition. To the working-class folks who have built America, infrastructure is roads, bridges, airports, dams, and broadband. In yet another attempt to deceive the American people Speaker Pelosi and the Washington Democrats are trying to expand this definition to pass a bill that has less than 6% going to roads and bridges and less than 2% to airports, waterways, locks, and dams.  This $2.3 trillion boondoggle includes more blue state bailouts and aims at increasing Washington’s control over you and your everyday life while taking the power of decision out of your control and putting it into the hands of a DC bureaucrat. 

Read more about Rep. Smith’s thoughts on the wasteful infrastructure package here.

Apr 15

Rep. Smith opposes President Biden’s executive actions on guns

Joe Biden has been all about prioritizing the wrong issues and putting America last. Instead of focusing on our southern border which has seen record numbers of illegal crossings, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have turned their focus on restricting our second amendment rights. This radical administration has shown that they would rather strip us of our ability to defend ourselves and our families instead of focusing on the surge at our border that puts American lives in danger. Throughout President Trump’s time in office Congressman Smith worked to put America first by securing our border and protecting our second amendment right. 

Click here to read Congressman Smith’s thoughts on Joe Biden’s misplaced priorities.

Apr 08

Rep. Jason Smith to Newsmax TV: Biden WH ‘Good at Doing Everything Wrong’

The Southern Border has become a turnstile under Joe Biden’s watch. With a 71% increase in illegal alien interactions since February the situation is not getting any better. Rep. Smith exposed Joe Biden for breaking the law by abandoning border wall construction and seeing 172,000 people attempting to illegally cross the border in March (more than the population of Springfield, Missouri). According to Rep. Smith, this not only endangers ICE officers but also poses a threat to national security when our border is left unchecked. 

Read more on Congressman Smith’s thoughts on Biden’s careless border policy.

Apr 06

Jason Smith: Democrats Jamming Partisan Agenda Through Despite Biden’s Talk about ‘Unity’

Joe Biden’s cries for unity clash with the heavily partisan government overreach his party has championed since he took office. Just as they did with the $1.9 trillion blue state bail-out package, the Democrats are considering cutting out Republicans and the voices of millions of working-class Americans by using reconciliation to pass their so-called “infrastructure” bill. In bypassing half of the legislature, they wish to avoid debate and transparency all to pass their radical bill that will exert greater Washington command over the lives and livelihoods of the American people. 

Read more on Rep. Smith’s thoughts about Joe Biden’s Radical Infrastructure Package.

Mar 10

Biden’s Bill Is Not Like Prior Bipartisan Relief Measures, Rep. Smith Says

Biden’s COVID Package is nothing more than a liberal slush fund designed to bail out his allies in blue states. This package was not about crushing the virus, only 9% of funds go towards direct payments to Americans, distributing vaccines, and getting shots in arms. Nor was it about providing immediate relief to the American people because half the money allocated will not be spent until after 2022. With over $1 trillion still unspent from the previous COVID packages, this was the wrong plan at the wrong time. 

Listen to Congressman Smith’s thoughts on Biden’s flawed partisan Covid Package here.

Rep. Smith Introduces Bill to Eliminate Death Tax

The Death Tax is a callous and greedy penalty on those grieving the loss of a family member, one that particularly targets farms that are transferred from generation to generation. Many cash-strapped farmers and ranchers are forced to liquidate equipment and other assets to fulfill the burden the federal government places upon them. Americans who work their whole lives to pass on benefits to their loved ones shouldn’t have to worry about big government swooping in to take what they can. To combat this greed, Rep. Smith introduced the Death Tax Repeal Act along with Senator John Thune and Rep. Sanford Bishop which would strike this unjust tax code from the law. 

Read more about Rep. Smith fighting to eliminate the Death Tax.

Mar 01

Jason Smith introduces Bill making tax relief for small businesses permanent

Communities across Missouri thrive when small businesses have more money to invest, hire, and grow. To ease the burden felt by Main Street and the working class, Rep. Smith partnered with colleagues and introduced legislation to cut small business taxes so D.C. bureaucrats aren’t telling these businesses how to spend their money. This bill, the Main Street Tax Certainty Act, levels the playing field for family-owned businesses and puts more working-class Americans back to work.

Read more on Congressman Smith’s bill to protect small businesses

Feb 09

Rep. Jason Smith: White House’s American Rescue Plan costs too much

Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID relief package is a textbook example of excessive spending. With $4 trillion already appropriated and $1 trillion yet to be spent, their package would bring us to $6 trillion total since the pandemic began, a cost of $17,000 to every American.  The Democrats’ unwillingness to use the $1 trillion already appropriated shows how they plan on running up the tab on hardworking Americans without caring about the strain it would put on them. Congressman Smith is committed to taking a stand against this wasteful spending. 


Jan 29

Rep. Jason Smith and Sen. Cruz Seek To Help Families Save for Education Expenses

To allow families greater flexibility for K-12 education expenses, Rep. Smith partnered with Senator Ted Cruz and introduced the Student Empowerment Act. This would allow for 529 tax-free college savings to be expanded to include the use of tuition, books, fees and exams related to college admissions, and educational therapy for kids with disabilities, adding even greater flexibility and choice for the education of  our children. By allowing parents, who know what’s best for their children, to be more flexible with their 529 we enable families to better handle unexpected expenses that come with raising a family and give them even more educational freedom. 


Dec 04

Jason Smith plans focus on ‘security’ issues in new Budget panel role

Congressman Smith will lead the charge for Republicans in the Budget Committee against uncapped spending, growing debt, and higher taxes. While Democrats have firmly cemented themselves as the party of the elite, Rep. Smith plans to focus on the working class and the security of our communities by rejecting the radical left’s desire to defund the police and committing to fully funding our law enforcement. By being aggressive in pushing back against socialist policies and spending, Congressman Smith will fight to ensure American families, workers, and small businesses keep more of their hard-earned money. 


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