U.S. Rep. Jason Smith: Overcrowded Detention Centers, Overwhelmed Agents on the Southern Border.

Congressman Smith visited Detention Centers in McAllen,Texas to better understand the crisis going on at our southern border. Traveling to the busiest of all border sectors, the delegation witnessed a large drug bust. Unfortunately, that is the daily reality for border agents tasked who must deal with the deadly cartels and overcrowded detention centers. Over 144,000 were detained in May 2019, the largest total in 13 years, further emphasizing the need for securing our borders.


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Jason Smith
Jason Smith1 week ago

It’s that time of year in the presidential election cycle: the Iowa State Fair. What did wannabes have to say this time?

The president is a racist; he is at fault for tragedies out of his control; he has bad hair; he’s...

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7 hours ago
America runs on representative government, right? Not according to Booker. He’s missed 45% of the votes brought before the Senate since Jan. 3. If he ignores folks' right to a representative this dramatically now, think of how distant he’d be as president.
10 hours ago
Obama is reported to have told Joe Biden not to run. Even Obama wants to distance himself from Biden’s gaffe-filled campaign.
2 days ago
Emergency situations are devastating for veterans, but the stress of (unearned) financial burden is simply intolerable. The report this week shows that the VA has done our vets a disservice, to the tune of $53.3 million in unpaid medical bills.
5 days ago
More than half of House Democrats are calling for the impeachment inquiry process to begin. The process is a misuse of taxpayer dollars, unwarranted, and would only further divide our nation. Let’s quit the games.