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2 days ago
Jason Smith

Replacing "mom" with "birthing persons" to be "inclusive"? Joe Biden and the woke liberal left are trying to turn America into crazy town. ... See MoreSee Less

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To late for Biden to turn us into crazy town, that was done under the Trump Administration.


Just remember midterm elections and get out and vote Republican. That's the best thing we can do to bring sanity back to the government

Extremely asinine! Only very weak brainless followers go along with this stupidity! Refuse to use their words to discredit true females or anything else!

Give me a break. People are getting farther and farther out in left field every day. This has to be stopped. America is becoming the laughing stock of the world.

Washington should stop doing stupid things and start working on the problems of our country, first being getting rid of Biden and his Democrat cronies.

I’m sick of the Democrats shoveling this junk down our throats!!!!!

Only Fox News would promote Jason Smith's run for the is down right funny.

Degrading and insulting to me as a mother and all the mothers in the nation !!

I always be called mom how stupid and a waste of tax payer money to even talk such nonsense

Most people have used “birth parent” instead of saying mom for a long time. It’s more often used when kids are put up for adoption, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to be gender neutral. As a woman, if being called a birth parent bothers you, there is something wrong with you, not the term.

They are a bunch of evil weirdo’s!

🤯🤪I have heard it all now. Guess next year we will be celebrating "Birthing Persons Day" in lieu of Mother's Day.

I am against abortion but these people make a good argument for abortion.

So very sad we need our America back

If the government has that much of our tax dollars to waste over stupid crap then cut our taxes

This is crazy 😜 I’m sticking with mom what does the dad get to be called ??? Can’t call him dad and how about grandma and grandpa this is endless I’m sorry don’t waste our money call yourself whatever you want but you don’t need to spend US money on this

Excuse me that’s insulting I’m a mom and proud of it


For all of those crazy as hell ppl ( I think ) need to be put on their own island and let their new way of life begin and let the rest if us continue on the way we have for decades .

So glad his mother is not around to listen to this crap, she would probably want to whip his backside

You know, you here stuff like this and think this can’t possibly go anywhere but next thing you know it’s happening! What is going on! Where are the sane people that need to keep these insane things from happening???!!!

ONLY WOMEN can give birth...!! End of story..

How is that more inclusive. There are a lot of types of moms


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3 days ago
Jason Smith

President Trump brought the strongest economy in history with lower taxes and lower regulations. Under Joe Biden, it's the exact opposite. This country needs conservatives who know how to fight for the "America First" policies that strengthened working-class families and who don't abandon them when the going gets tough. ... See MoreSee Less

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The dems and media spent four years lying about President Trump and the republicans didn't do anything to change that. Immigration reform was long over do . Raiding our retirement fund for God knows what. Making health care unaffordable to do many people and then taxing those same people for not being able to afford it. I think we all need to stop this political division and pay attention to who we elect.

Don't forget the huge increase in the national debt the Trump and the GOP brought to us, Jason Smith. Also do not forget how you tried to take away the health care of millions of Americans. There was no American First with was all how do I increase the profit of my companies.


Wouldn’t it be interesting if the left side held itself as accountable for indiscretions as they preached and practiced during the previous administration? Could also persuade the ‘investigative’ arm of mainstream media to perform their tasks without prejudice?

Biden is destroying our country. President Trump was the best President ever!

BULL‼‼ The ONLY people who benefited from trump were the billionaires and trump himself‼‼👎👎😠😠

Long live President BIDEN!! 💙

Trump INHERITED, one the best economy's, then gave the rich a tax break...promised an Infrastructure plan....and didn't. Not to mention, piled on Enormous debt......Biden's plan WILL CREATE thousands of jobs, allow people to get back to work and actually REBUILD AMERICA , which is in desperate need of repair which will be paid for over 10 or so years.......guess what need money to do that !!!!! Guess what folks, America desperately need this.....and this is what our tax dollars should be used for....and everyone should pay their FAIR share.......but apparently, the party of trump does not think so.........Biden, trying to Build back America......for ALL AMERICANS. trump never did or say that......never. Again, Jason Smith is full of usual.

Love the way you work the media... They know nothing.

Surprise, Surprise, NOT !

Biden went into office with one goal the very first day; Reverse all decisions made by President Trump during his term of office.

🤘🇺🇸🤘President Trump 🇺🇸🤘🇺🇸

Thank you for working, and standing for our freedoms.

Lots of Bull hockey being spread by you Jason. Biden has done a lot for Americans. Stock Market booming, jobs coming back, Covid under control and truth spoken not lies.

Trump knew what he was doing. Great man


Jason you should have brought up the new revelations about hydroxychloroquine and its effectiveness with COVID. Remember Neil proclaiming Trump could die taking that.

Jason, you guys need to do all you can to stop all this unnecessary government spending. Inflation is at a runaway point here in the heartland!

More Republican Propaganda from Putin's Puppets!!!!!!

Stop the spending!!!

So true !!

Jacob Turner

Bidoom and congress will and is being America's down fall.

Your opponent for the up coming election is a SLEASEBALL ! .Don't turn your back on him !


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4 days ago
Jason Smith

The Biden Administration took the time to set aside $80 billion to hire 87,000 IRS auditors to target working-class families. This should terrify every single American.

Help us fight back here:
... See MoreSee Less

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I'm telling you if something isn't done about this CLOWN AND HIS CRONIES. YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE AMERICA AS IT ONCE WAS

The IRS needs to audit the known tax papers the rich people and leave the poor working people alone

Why don’t they go after known tax non payers like Al Sharpton and Warren Buffet, who has been contesting his taxes for several years now, and I am sure there are many others.

Really this is so wrong. Just get the government to pay their taxes. And make them pay double on all the behind the door money they have been collecting over the years.

Especially when he does what Obama did and targets only republicans. Such corruption

As slow as IRS workers are, it will take 87 years for them to do this job!!! As usual, Biden is barking up the wrong tree!!!

Maybe they need to work on processing taxes which of been filed. I have not received my tax refund from 2019 nor 2020! Both were filed on time and were completed by a certified accountant. I’m only told they are behind on processing because of Covid. 🤬

Get rid of the illegal immigrants and we won't need as much money. Probably half the money they claim is going to the immigrants is finding its way into their pockets.

We can't even hire people to work the jobs they left because of Covid !!!

Go after the people who don’t pay their taxes on their new cars. I am so sick of expired temp tags and they don’t have insurance. I know this is the state but I paid my taxes and my personal property taxes

Rich people pay little to no taxes. It falls on the average working family to pay the burden of taxes. Rather than hiring 87,000 people for the IRS he should be reducing 87,000 jobs in the federal government. Rich people can do all the cocaine they want and take all the illegal bribes and kick backs and are never prosecuted, the average guy goes to prison.

How about Al Sharpton just paying his owed taxes? Now you know how Biden et al is covering the massive hand outs!!

Yes we should target people like YOU Jason. Lord knows you probably pay less in taxes than your constituents…

Communist Why aren't they going after their own??? Wait they will jackals always do

What is wrong with paying your fair share? Go after the big shots that pay nothing on their $Billions of $

Is this the unemployment solution?? More people in government jobs?

Ronnie was 1000% correct..."We're one generation away from socialism!"

And yet, no investigation into Drug King Hunter nor Quid Pro Quo Useless Joe.

Stand up against tyranny together. Individual we fall - together we stand

Jason Smith must be shaking in his boots that the auditors are coming after his tax returns as he is trying to scare the working class.......with his posts we do get to take in his new "bubba" look.

Should be auditors for congress and others in government.

Sounds like they are going to start tax farming

How much has he spent now??

Why? If you are honest it won’t matter at all. Maybe they can collect taxes due from all the people cheating on their taxes.

You all voted far Him now live with it

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