GOP lawmaker calls for Meghan, Harry to lose royal titles over paid leave push

Hollywood elites like Meghan Markle only try to relate to the working class when it’s politically expedient for their agenda. The global elites and Hollywood liberals continue to push policies and support leaders that want to put American workers and families last. Her latest attempt to use her Royal title to influence American politics and policy comes with an ask to support the multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill that would only make things harder for American families trying to get ahead. 

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8 hours ago
Jason Smith

You want to know why Joe Biden's poll numbers are plummeting? He's FORGOTTEN working class Americans and left our country facing CRISES on everything he touches. ... See MoreSee Less

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Now lets see Jason Smith has FORGOTTEN the working class Americans...Let’s see Jason what have you done for the working class……..crickets…….. yep crickets.....

True. Ne’er remembered


Cmon man Brandon hates America forgot his oath and has worked to destroy everything Trump did .

TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! Like you people know anything about the working class...pfft!

It’s not just Biden this whole government is as corrupt as they come. Politicians vote for this crap pass this crap just to tare this country apart. Democrats in particular are worse. But a. Convention of states will fix this mess we in.

And you fight for working Americans? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 You only prostitute to the wealthy and get on your knees for the orange toadstool. You have never done anything for the working class!

You idiot, what have you done?

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14 hours ago
Jason Smith

Join me today in wishing a Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people, Gov. Kristi Noem! ... See MoreSee Less

Join me today in wishing a Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people, Gov. Kristi Noem!

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Happy birthday young lady from Missouri

Happy birth day Govenor Kristi Noem, and thank you for standing for what is right!!

Happy birthday to you and may the Lord bless you with lots of blessings

Happy birthday truly are An American Patriot!! 💯🇺🇸!!!

Happy birthday from Missouri!

A very Happy Birthday to Kristin Noem you deserve a great birthday! Enjoy ! Thank you for keeping our Country safe in S.D. 🎂🎂🎂🇺🇸🎂🇺🇸🎂✝️

Happy birthday young lady may you have a great day

Happy birthday young lady you do an awesome job

Happy birthday not from South Dakota but respect her



Happy birthday beautiful woman. Keep up the great job!

Happy Birthday 🎊🎉🎂 Mrs Noem! Keep up your good work!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful role model as governor!

Happy Birthday to a great Governor !

Happy Birthday PLEASE keep fighting for us

Happy Birthday brave lady

Happy Birthday to her. Amazing lady.

Happy birthday Governor Kristi Noem. Great job!!

Happy Birthday May you have a blessed wonderful day 🎁🎂🎊

Happy Birthday. May God bless you

Awesome Happy Birthday and Best Wishes!

Happy Birthday Govenor. We love what you do even though we live in MO.

Happy birthday hope you have a wonderful day

Happy birthday blessings

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1 day ago
Jason Smith

Tax breaks for the wealthy while YOU get stuck with the bill. That's the DEMOCRAT plan for America. ... See MoreSee Less

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Smith complaining about the spending bill is funny.......

Trump tax cuts....cuts for the, GOP are about as dumb as they come...

For Cripes sake STOP LYING. The wealthy are getting the tax increases & that is why you are upset

Does Jason not understand what Irony is? Because he was being ironic af here.

Think before you vote for this bill Democratic and republicans we are taking names you will pay at the polls. 2022.

That should be what you are voting for, but you don’t. Most of your constituents are not rich. They are working people. They will wake up one of these days! Then you will be without a job.

yup. tax those who do not have it...take all their freedoms away. corrupt system.

We are stupid

hope all you politicians rot in hell

Already knew that

Who are you trying to ...... oh yeah. You believe trump. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 What are you? You are NOT a politician. More like. So gross.

Demorats are evil.

I just cant beleive a government would do this to their people. The democrats are such evil people. 😡

Nothing but a traitor Jason Smith !

You are a fine ilk to talk about tax breaks for the rich. That was trumps move

Hope y’all stop that crap.

This is just totally contrary to the reality! What a big effing liar! Or incredibly stupid!

Praying americans!!!

Yes it is.

Benjamin Dixon

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