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Jason Smith
Jason Smith3 days ago

California’s Democrat governor just signed into law a bill that allows coworkers, employers, and teachers — vast swaths of the population — to seek a “red flag” restraining order against anyone they think is a threat to themselves.

A judge, based on...

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2 days ago
A liberal law professor calls out the media for refusing to cover or discuss Hunter Biden’s shady Ukraine and China dealings. It’s great to see the media’s bias widely recognized.
2 days ago
. @KimStrassel has it right: the real threat to our nation of laws is the deep state actors who will break any rule to obstruct President Trump’s conservative policy agenda and overturn the 2016 election results.
3 days ago
The mainstream media is now proclaiming Elizabeth Warren a front-runner in the Dem presidential wannabe race. She’s an unimaginative socialist, and her “solutions” will only serve to harm the middle class — the very people she claims to protect.
3 days ago
Earlier this week, Pelosi announced the House won't be taking a vote on impeachment. I wonder why? Because they know the majority of Americans don't want impeachment? Or because they've already dragged Donald Trump through the mud and have once again come up empty-handed?