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Jason Smith
Jason Smith4 days ago

Steve Scully’s Twitter was apparently “hacked” — likely story but I guess they’ll claim anything if it will cover their tracks.

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4 days ago
Steve Scully was supposed to be the “unbiased” moderator for the Presidential debate. So what happens when he accidentally exposes his bias?? …. He claims he was hacked. Likely story, Scully. I bet you didn't intern for Biden either.
4 days ago
The very first time Harris and Biden are together on the campaign trail — and no one shows up. There's no excitement or energy because their campaign offers no vision or hope.
5 days ago
So Sen. Maize Hirono wants to instill “ethics provisions” for the Supreme Court — ethics according to whose standards, Senator? Of course, you’d only be happy if they met your own personal criteria. JasonSmithMO photo
6 days ago
Hollywood, ex-Royals, & coastal elitists don’t know the first thing about Missouri, the Midwest, or frankly, reality. They get on social media, chat with Fake News, & claim they know what’s best for you. But according to them - this meddling is okay.