Congressman Jason Smith Holds Farmhall in Scott County

Show Me Times, August 7, 2018

As a 4th generation family farm owner myself, I love meeting with the farmers and families of southern Missouri. In August I visited 30 different agricultural operations in 30 different counties. We truly have the most diverse agricultural district found anywhere in the country. I was honored to be able to host several “Farm-hall” type meetings – open forums with Missouri farmers to hear about the latest challenges they are facing and ways I can help. It was during these visits a few years ago that I started a running list of the devastating and intrusive impact Washington regulations written by un-elected bureaucrats were having on Missouri farmers. Before he even took office, I shared that list with President Trump and his team. Together President Trump and I have now repealed over 1000 burdensome regulations with lifetime costs in excess of $33 billion. Our work is just getting started.


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Jason Smith
Jason Smith5 days ago

Early spring is typically filled with Lincoln Day events; they’re a time to celebrate our principles. They're a time to come together and discuss the state of affairs, the state of our republic, and the triumphs and challenges that we've met and the ones that...

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3 days ago
Trump and his team have been taking action since the moment the danger of COVID-19 came to light. It began by ending flights to and from infected areas and continued with guidance on health measures and lifting regulations holding back the FDA. 1/2
4 days ago
Early spring is typically filled with Lincoln Day events; they’re a time to celebrate our principles. As sad as I am that these events are cancelled, it’s important to note that support for our President is as strong as ever and his leadership is stronger than ever.
5 days ago
Food for thought... "Emergencies have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.” - F.A. Hayek
5 days ago
When Senators should have been coming together, the Ds were playing politics. They pushed ludicrous measures that have absolutely nothing to do with COVID-19 relief, & the MSM let them get away with it! Enough is enough. Pelosi, Schumer, & all you crooks - DO YOUR JOB.