Congress should not let the IRS play both tax collector and preparer

Jason Smith for Congress

Quietly tucked into the DC Democrat’s $5 trillion tax-and-spend proposal was a provision to allow the IRS to prepare your tax returns. Giving an institution with a history of targeting conservatives and abusing its authority access to the personal financial information of millions of Americans would be letting the fox in the henhouse. But that’s exactly what Washington Democrats want – a supercharged IRS to give the government control of your wallet. That’s why Jason led the charge to expose this provision, so the American people really know what’s going on with their money. 

Read Rep. Smith’s Op-Ed about the DC Democrats’ Plan to Weaponize the IRS.

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2 days ago
Jason Smith

Did you see Joe Biden's speech? Joe Biden has been the most divisive President in my lifetime. Biden shouted to the world that those who disagree with him are a threat to democracy. We must not let these intimidation tactics slow us down. We must FIRE PELOSI and shut down President Biden's power-crazed lunacy. ... See MoreSee Less

Did you see Joe Bidens speech? Joe Biden has been the most divisive President in my lifetime. Biden shouted to the world that those who disagree with him are a threat to democracy. We must not let these intimidation tactics slow us down. We must FIRE PELOSI and shut down President Bidens power-crazed lunacy.

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Go to the jail jail now

He shouting out another lie .

The American and the world know they Rigged the Election. why not Correct? Put President Donald Trump in the White House So he can Fix the Mess we are in right Now Biden in a Nursing Home.

I certainly agree with you


Check out TIME for the Biden group!!

He's not a president. He's a puppet.

This guy along with hunter are both brain dead we need Trump back to take control before we lose our country

He thinks he's god! Won't he be surprised when he faces the real God and gets thrown into hell for eternity!!

Genuine lunatic!!!

Obama is Biden’s Alter Ego and is calling the shots.

The one that need to do it is as crazy as he is..Which doesn't make the country any better, infect they make it worse..

Looks demonic



We are a Republic, not a Democracy. Democracy is a threat to itself. Majority rule can not work. Everyone needs representation, with a Democracy the minority has absolutely no say in anything.

First things first. We need to win the house and senate first. Then form the strategy to get rid of this pathetic puppet dictator.

He reminds me — his desperate vilification of those who dare to oppose him, his disconnect from reality, his lack of respect for the sanctity of life, etc. — of an infamous German tyrant & murderer.

This had to be a double. Because the real Joe Biden would’ve have stuck his foot in his mouth in the first 15 seconds and sound like a babbling idiot.

But he is NOT the president since they rigged the election and committed fraud.

Study old film of Hitler Biden has the same crazy look in his face , clenched fist and big lie .

Biden just wants to eliminate half of the country at the snap of his fingers

Eat up with stupid!!!!!

With your strong unifying (?) language, Gauleiter, you antagonize to rile up your base base again devoid of any constructive results to campaign on or any proposals for ways to improve. “Power crazed” is climbing the political ladder for your entire adult life career with ambitious intentions = Smith MO. Hate and anger are your only offers? Not buying.

Liar and criminal yelling at his bosses. Who voted for that no good?

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3 days ago
Jason Smith

Joe Biden has turned the FBI against the American people. This President has labeled his political rivals as threats to democracy and is not afraid to abuse the power of his office. We CANNOT allow Joe Biden to use the FBI for his own political gain. This MADNESS must come to an end. ... See MoreSee Less

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Please fight for our freedom with all you got please!!!!

Agree be glad when he is gone

You need to take away those emergency powers, he said it himself on 60 minutes the covid crisis is over so the emergency powers given him need to go or else Lord knows what he's going to do under those powers...

Worst president in US history, stole the it was documented in several states....disgraceful

They are his ss troop's

He should start in his own house…. And his political cronies.

The democrats are arming themselves for a fight against the American people!🤬

The most disgraceful president in the history of this nation.

He needs to turn the FBI loose on his own son!

Everyone says we need to do something about him, but it seems like everybody is afraid to try.

Let’s go Brandon!!!

I agree 💯. I have had enough

Thank you, Jason for doing your best to help us

Agree totally


How can we make this come to an end? What are our options?

So Agree

We are literally dealing with the devil here. Be prepared and expect a fight

Then you and the rest of you so called "conservatives" need to do something about it! Tired of the talk and not backing it up!




It is "mad"ness

Joe is great, much better than the former guy

Get them out while we still can.

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3 weeks ago
Jason Smith

As the Inflation Crisis continues, Democrats are passing more spending, higher taxes, and more debt. As the Republican Leader of the Budget Committee, I am fighting to end this nonsense. Joe Biden and the Democrats are not working to help the working class but rather are working to destroy it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Don't be fooled, Jason Smith ain't doing nothing....just like always. 🤣🤣🤣

It’s not a secret their goals are to take from the poor and middle income citizens to give more to the rich. Republicans cannot give up they must show up to vote. Do not let this suffering of inflation make you feel like your vote does not count. Do your part. Do not give up or let these hard times rule your emotions toward depression Stay steadfast. Do not argue with those who may be brainwashed by the radical left. Lead by respecting life and our liberties.

But some politicians are getting rich. Insider trading?

Please do something for the working class that have their Social Security reduced or eliminated. Support HR82 Social Security Fairness Act and repeal WEP and GPO

Well they are demo crats. Demo is a slang term for dismantling or destroying. The Greek root word crat means “rule,” So they rule by destruction

Of course they are - that’s the plan!

Thank u for trying. I pray u will get support.

Read your new mailer. Math manipulation and outright lies. Gotta love Christian Conservatism. What a con!

Jason Smith isn't going to do anything but kiss ass an line his pockets

They are trying to do something, right or wrong, they don't want to go backwards 50 years,like the Republicans, voting rights & Roe

They just go around you republicans and you guys sit back whining and crying rather than banning together (as they do) and taking a stand against this bull shavitz, Quit being spineless you sissies...

This doing away with social security thing comes up every election THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!! Touching SS would be political suicide for any candidate so consider it fear tactics.

Are you ready for the new R platform: get Mexico to pay for the falling down boondoggle wall 😂🤣; lower taxes — for the wealthy, greedy corporations hoping for “trickle down” (which has never trickled down); reduce healthcare coverage, especially in rural areas and particularly to stop 🛑 coverage for contraceptives 😠; ban books 📚 (free speech) while undermining public education, particularly rural transportation 🚌, in favor of private schools that most regular citizens can’t afford even with voucher handouts; pardons for criminals who believe themselves above the law; strengthen authoritarian legislative bodies that disregard the majority and popular vote initiatives in favor of installing their own self-serving agenda. Are you ready? Or, drain the swampy DC insider Smith MO and get to work for the true benefit and strength of the people. NO more Party over people politicians — No Smith MO.

Jason the Screwup Republican Leader of the Budget Committee..... I hear there are about 67 Million Women that would like to talk to you about getting their rights back.....Seems they all want to vote BLUE!!

It would be good if you could provide some actual details and facts supporting your accusations. But I expect that would take too much time, attention and intelligence. Besides, the information and facts would not support your claims (lies). Quite the contrary. Or, maybe even some clear plans besides saying “I’m fighting”. 🙄 Better to continue spewing political platitudes to feed the hateful attacks and divert attention from your failed 9 year career as a self-serving DC political insider. Let’s get to work for everyday people in CD8. Start by term limits for Smith MO. November 8.

That's the God honest truth.



Insulin $35 My medications , maximum $2000. Per year. The only tax increase is on corporations and very wealthy . Stock market is soaring. Full employment Gas prices way down Jobs being created rebuilding America. Protecting the rights of all women to choice for themselves Can you hear me now?

Jason Smith voted NO on the bill that would have protect our democracy. Vote him out! Vote Democrat!

Jason Smith thinks this means voting against veterans, against small government, against human rights, and against anyone getting a tax break or financial assistance who isn't in the top 1%. He's lying to you and his voting record proves it. I'd say the bills He's introduced pro be it to, but he doesn't create any legislation. He just whines about it, if the real legislators have a "D" next to their name.



Jason Smith, Mr. Gloom and Doom himself when he knows damn good and well that things are improving and that republicans have little to nothing to do with that. Anything that will help the average citizen, they vote against and then take credit for the good done that they voted against. It's crazy that Jason Smith is even considered an option again.

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