Rep. Smith receives honor from Cotton Producers of MO

KFVS, March 21, 2018
Each and every day I fight for a better tomorrow for our southern Missouri farmers. Whether it’s removing federal bureaucrats from your land or reducing the tax burden facing your farm and family, working with the Trump Administration to improve the lives and bottom line of the folks who take care of the rest of the world has been one of my top priorities in Congress. I look forward to continuing to fight for the betterment of our nations agriculture industry! Recently I was honored to be the first lawmaker in five years to receive this award from the Cotton Producers of Missouri.


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3 hours ago
Good read about Hollywood’s anti-gun crusaders: “These celebrities benefit from the protections guns provide, but believe the populace living in flyover country either do not deserve the same protections or cannot handle them responsibly.”
7 hours ago
Congrats to Mike Greske, a real champion for Missouri agriculture.
10 hours ago
No surprise that the hero pilot who guided Southwest Airlines flight to safety last week received her training from the US Navy. Cool and calm under pressure, she undoubtedly saved lives last week.
12 hours ago
Why are congressional Democrats so opposed to work requirements for able-bodied people to receive food stamps? They gripe that GOP plan is heartless; what is TRULY heartless are liberal efforts to keep people dependent on govt and mired in poverty.