Jason Smith stops federal funds for sanctuary cities – Three Rivers Publishing, September 10, 2017

Missourians’ tax dollars should not be going to support liberal policies of coastal cities. Sanctuary cities violate U.S. law and provide a safe harbor and refuge for those illegal immigrants who have ignored and are hiding from our legal system.

Recently I was able to author and pass a proposal in the U.S. House of Representatives supporting the call to action from our President and banning the largest swath of federal support dollars allocated around the country, those for infrastructure investments to Sanctuary Cities. If a municipality can’t honor the laws of the United States of America, then they should no longer receive any support from the federal government. READ MORE HERE ABOUT MY RECENT EFFORTS TO CUT OFF FUNDS TO SANCTUARY CITIES

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith added 2 new photos.2 days ago

Wonderful rally hosted by the Missouri Republican Party this past Saturday in Cape Girardeau! In my keynote address I shared with the crowd all the victories delivered by President Trump and the Republican Congress – historic tax cuts for families, farmers, and small businesses, plus...

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1 day ago
Today’s strong economy a consequence of #TaxCutsandJobsAct. Newfound confidence from Americans as avg family of four will save more than $2k … standard deduction and child tax credit doubled.
1 day ago
U.S. economy has averaged 200,000 new jobs per month added so far in 2018. Last month the unemployment rate fell below 4 percent for first time since 2000.
1 day ago
They really DO want to take away your guns. Blogger and author David Burkhead keeps a running tally of statements from gun-control activists who EXPLICITLY say they want to ban guns. https://t.co/iJTeMv9yDh
1 day ago
A true Missouri hero came home recently. RIP. https://t.co/pAm3cr761P